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Scholarship Application

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Please be sure you have included all document requested. Application must be postmarked by September 30, 2019

Scholarship Application Check Off List

Please initial each box to ensure you have completed each item. Failure to complete will disqualified your application.

1. Copy of 2018 Report Card or Transcript

2. Copy of College Acceptance Letter

3. 2 Letters of recommendation from either faculty/teacher counselor, clergy members or community resource

4. Application Essay

5. Application Form

Scholarship Criteria

  • Applicant must be a High School 2018 or College Freshman for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • Applicant Must be accepted by an accredited college or vocational program. Copy of acceptance letter must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee.
  • The applicant must submit (2) Letters of recommendations from their teachers, clergy or committee resource.
  • Must choose a topic below and submit a 300-500 word essay:

1.   What was my most rewarding accomplishment?

2.  What has motivated me to put forth my best effort to succeed?

3.   How Important is Family?

4.  How important is getting my education?

5.  What do i plan to do with my degree once i graduate from college?

Postmark Date: Application check off list documents and essay due by September 7th, 2018